Our creations are meticulously produced within the crucible of our laboratory nestled in the suburbs of Mt Cook. Launched in 2020, our genesis stems from a profound fascination with elemental materials and the ethereal passages of the neural cortex. Originating from the DIY music scene and clandestine film sets, OF BODY Olfactive embarked on its journey by sculpting scentscapes as a form of artistic expression.
Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington, stands as the pulsating heart of this sensory odyssey, conceived by the polymathic artist and self-taught perfumer, Nathan Taare. Honed through extensive experimentation, worldly voyages, and introspective quests, OF BODY is dedicated to elevating scent to the realm of artistry and spiritual solace. These intangible reverberations gracefully traverse the tapestry of contemporary existence, offering an olfactory conduit to heightened states of awareness.
We champion the ethos of bespoke craftsmanship, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. Memories, dreams, and nostalgic reveries intertwine as OB extends a bespoke perfume service that intimately involves you in the creative voyage.
THE ORB OF BODY website serves as our realm of manifestation, a sacred space woven into existence by the local deities: SAM FOBES, ILLOJGALI, KIWESE, and EMI POGONI.