OF BODY is an aromatic future-perfume lab based in Aotearoa, NZ.


Earth-grown exploration into the universe of olfactive artistry. Launching 2020.




Minimal Ingredients: Maximum Effect 

OB creations are designed to enhance the essence of you – subtle sensualities of minimal, specially-sourced ingredients to enhance the natural aura of your own one-of-a-kind skin chemistry. From FUMES to ODDITIES, we create light, bright and versatile vibe enhancers that evolve with you throughout the day.

Our fumes change as you do – You are the heart note.

OB is aromatic ascension. Buzzing power chords and deep healing energies. We believe in perfume as a spiritual reality hack for the modern-day being. Fusing man-made and organic ingredients allows us to transcend beyond the physical world towards the aromatic gateways of the future.

Our ingredients are carefully selected for sensitive souls. We use a range of essential oils, absolutes, concretes, waxes, resins, tinctures, isolates, as well as skin-nourishing carriers and solvents such as fractionated Coconut Oil, castor seed oil, NZ-grown Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and  Organic Rosehip Oil.

Synthetic scent molecules add supercharged powers that enliven our creations, sourced from some of the finest fragrance laboratories in the world.

We believe in full transparency and invite you to explore for yourself our full list of ingredients HERE.




High Quality Ethanol

OB uses an extra neutral, non-denatured absolute ethanol derived from sugarcane. 100% plant based, gluten-free and non-GMO modified.


EDC / EDP concentrations  

OB Fumes are EDT and EDP concentrations containing anywhere from 15-30% perfume concentrate, 70-85% ethanol and no water. The Higher the concentrate, the stronger the fume. 
Parfum / Perfume Oil is 20-40% perfume concentrate
Eau de Parfum is 15-20% perfume concentrate 
Eau de Toilette is 5-15% perfume concentrate 

Eau de Cologne is 2-4% perfume concentrate



From sourcing to packaging, OB strives to be as sustainable as possible. Our ethanol and carrier oils are fully biodegradable, while our perfume bottles are glass, with recyclable plastic components. Each bottle is a practical work of art, designed to radiate somewhere in your home for life! If you need to, please recycle the glass and plastic components separately.

***HANDSANI, NOBO and GOLD OIL are REFILLABLE! Please CONTACT  to arrange refills.***


Bespoke / Belief

We believe in CUSTOM MADE! The art of bespoke and individuality. Memory, dreams and nostalgia… Perfume unlocks worlds of deep past healings and future emotion. OB offers a bespoke service to create a personalised perfume that includes you throughout the entire creative process. HANDSANI is also available unscented making it a completely hypo-allergenic hand sanitiser. To arrange a Bespoke perfume or custom HANDSANI please CONTACT


Handmade in Wellington, NZ! 

Our creations are all handmade in small batches from start to finish - proudly conceptualised, formulated, composed, filtered, tested, tweaked, refined and released by the artists of OB from our box lab in the suburb of Berhampore.

Spawned from an obsession with raw materials and the astral trapdoors of the neural cortex, OB began by creating scentscapes as an art form - born from the underbelly of the DIY music scene and behind-the-scenes film sets.

Te Whanganui-a-tara, Wellington is the fulcrum of this sensory world, the brainchild of multimedia artist and autodidactic scentsmith Nathan Taare.

Refined over years of experimentation, travel and exploration, OB is rooted in creating scent as an art form and spiritual healer. Invisible evocations, dancing skin and bone through the matrix of modern-day life, basking in a realm of aromatically-induced higher consciousness.



THE ORB OF BODY is the space in which we exist. The magic within this web space was created by local gods: